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Need to take a pricing decision? You can increase your revenue through the optimal pricing decisions via Penguin Penfare.

Penfare is a pricing decision support tool that allows your B2B or B2C website to show fares based on the users who have logged in or the type of websites. Pricing strategy is very crucial in maximizing the company's revenue. PenFare is the industry’s leading pricing solution and provides a powerful data query tool that helps pricing analysts examine the relevant market data to make optimal pricing decisions. Looking to lead the market or quickly respond to competitors’ changes? you can make the right adjustments at the right time.

Penfare helps increase your revenue by:

  • Delivering comprehensive competitive fares data by adjusting the price based on the period ,season region , airline etc.
  • Creating multiple layer or pricing markup schema for different website.
  • Work with any GDS or fare publishing software.

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